EN: #consciously productive: the green tea principle


This is my first translation of one of my posts about conscious productivity. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed translating. Please bear with me if there are any German influenced parts in it.

#consciously productive: the green tea principle

The biggest problem of working within your own responsibility in my opinion is the question of doing „enough“. Especially if it’s revolving around longterm tasks and it feels like shifting tiny grains of sand when reading a bunch of pages each day. It is simply frustrating to not see any results.

I’m admiring people who do their tasks one after the other out of their full inner serenity. They don’t take on any pressure nor thoughts about the amount of things to be done. It’s funny that it’s the hairdressers I see in the TV show „Shopping Queen“ that amaze me. Ten minutes left for doing hair and make-up? No problem at all. With absolute calmness, intentional actions and a plan in mind they’re just getting started.

That’s totally what I’m wishing my everyday life to look like. A goal in mind and the serenity to reach it. Currently I’m stuck again on a health advice – green tea as appetite suppressant and stuff like that. I’m still not convenient to the taste of that kind of tea – why? Because most of the time my motivation to drink it is far too low and I am doing other things while I leave it to draw.

What have my tea preferences to say about the lenghty writing of essays or final papers, with the unloved chores and the self-employed projects we aren’t obsessed with all the time? I guess the common belief is that we all have to do what we don’t like to – if it’s the case that we either promised to get it done or it simply fits into our area of responsibility. As soon that a decision is marked with a „must“ it feels kind of strange to me. Surely, it has to be done but I am willing to make my heart give its „yes“ to it, too. In my opinion it’s not the right way to complete a task with a grumpy attitude but to tenderly push it toward saying „yes“ to it.

As I am convinced that my green tea needs the right timing, the attentiveness to the task of making it and the continuity of drinking, I guess it’s the same with our chores.

The green tea is in need of attentiveness to be made well.
What is your green tea?

Green tea needs the right timing to draw long enough but not too long to taste well.
What is your green tea?

Drunk regularly, the green tea has a longterm positive impact on the body. It also has not always identifiable effects that operate immediatly.
What is your green tea?

It’s possible for you to make your green tea on a daily basis by getting for example two hours work done for your essay, giving you the grace of taking breaks so that the task won’t taste bitter and by holding on to that concept tomorrow and the rest of the week. As I said initially the biggest pressure comes from the piling up amount of work that gets higher with every day of procrastination.

I am sure there are people among you that are totally able to divide their tasks very well. And then there are the Heave-ho! types of people. Without seeing yourself and your character too negative I think it’s a given chance to change your style of working towards a healthy balance. When your way of working, of learning and of doing daily chores is improving, I guess most students and mothers can confirm this assumption, the quality of living and the freedom of thoughts outside your working field is also getting better.

So what advice and experience can you, the experts of everyday life, share with me and the other readers? I appreciate your comments and wish you success by learning and broadening your conscious productivity.

P.S.: Of course, green tea can be sweetened. My sweetener to work through several books for my thesis is good music. And because I love to support good projects and friends I totally recommend the album of Johannes Pfendt, a German artist, author and musician. The CD is available as mp3 download on amazon for a very small price and is containing 13 instrumental and uplifting tracks that fit into plenty situations – like tasks to concentrate on. With your purchase you not only enhance your own working quality, you also support a promising creative and committed guy and last but not least my blog.


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